What are Free Pokies?

If you're new to the gaming sector or you're not from certain regions, you probably may have never heard of the term pokies. They are another name for slots, which is the word used in most parts of the world. Navigate to http://www.onlinecasino-nz.xyz to read more.

How to Play Free Pokies

Online casinos have free versions of some of their games for those seeking to test out the waters before placing real money bets. If you wish to play a free pokie, search for it in your casino and then click on 'Free Version' or 'Demo.'

  1. Pokies and slots refer to one and the same thing.
  2. You can play free pokies to familiarise yourself with a particular game.

Free pokies function in a similar way as real money pokies, only that in their case, you don't place wagers using your real money. Free pokies can be played by novice and experienced gamers alike. New players, specifically, can use them to teach themselves how pokies function.


Why You Should Play Free Pokies

To learn more about that particular pokie. Playing the free version of pokies will help you to know the games' bonus features, payouts, and symbols. Such information gives you a clear picture of the pokie you want to try your luck on before you place real money wagers.

Free pokies are excellent pastime. If you are bored at home, stuck in traffic or looking for the perfect way to unwind, you can play pokies for free. They deliver great entertainment which is ideal for such moments. You can play free pokies to enhance your gambling discipline.

Can Free Pokies be Played on Mobile?

Yes, they can. To some extent, however, this will depend on your casino. That is; if you are a member of an online casino that does not support mobile gaming, then you will not be able to access free pokies on your handheld device.

Notably, as an ardent casino player, you feel more at peace knowing that regardless of where you go and no matter what time it is, you can access pokies on your mobile. It even gets better knowing you can play the pokies for free.

Can I Win Real Money?

Well, the answer to this question is no. Free pokies are purely for entertainment and learning purposes and as such, you cannot make any money when playing them. Even in instances where you get winning combinations, the money is virtual, meaning it cannot be withdrawn.

  • You cannot win real money when you play free pokies.

While it is not possible for you to win withdrawable money when you play free pokies, the thrill and learning opportunities linked to them is unparalleled. Besides, even if you don't have money to place bets at a particular time, you can still enjoy these games.

Common Types of Free Pokies

Free pokies mainly come in two categories. Classic pokies and video pokies. For classic pokies, they comprise of 3 reels and share a lot of similarities with the fruit machines played in brick and mortar facilities. In essence, they are an enhanced version of the fruit machines.

Video pokies, on the other hand, are more advanced and make use of 5 reels and several symbols. Due to this, you may find them a little bit complicated than their counterparts, more so if you are used to playing classic pokies. All in all, both categories are immersive.